Success is about change.

Success is about change.
Let yesterday be today's mother, give birth to a new landscape, you will find that success is only a small step every day.
-- inscription
Life is a gradual trek, every day is the scenery along the road in this trek, different scenery can achieve a wonderful life, the dust can only bring a boring trip and a lost way without knowing the end.
Life is just a few decades, everyone came to this world for a walk, but borrowed a body from the years, where they came from, where they will eventually go back. But in this process, some people leave their souls in this world, and some people bring their souls to the earth.
Success lies in change. Have you changed your life? Ask yourself where you were a year ago and whether you are still repeating the same thing now. If you say yes, I'm sorry. A year later, you're still doing it. If you say no, congratulations, you have taken a solid and powerful step on the road of life, just like a tourist walking on the beach. Although you can't see your footprints, you have actually gone through a real journey. What is the meaning of the journey of life, is nothing more than time after time and memory in the temper to remove the disguise of their own. Learn to change life, learn to taste the vicissitudes of life, can no regrets youth, no regrets the passing of years.
Yesterday has passed, looking back is indeed eternal. Today is not finished, dusk is beautiful. People's life is really not long, everyone should live for themselves. Live beautiful, live natural and unrestrained. Let the footsteps be like the wind, let the heart be like the sea, let the mind be like the light.
In today's society, materialistic, the law of the jungle. In the fierce competition of human nature and morality, we gradually lost the original beauty, and gradually lost the pure nature. As loneliness and loneliness sing softly in the river of memories, the years flow quietly, but we can no longer find the place where the dream began.
That year, we left our own tears in other people's stories.
That year, we became kites, in the boundless sky disturbance, helpless, groping to but not their true dreams.
In that year, we became fallen leaves and left the embrace of the tree with unbearable and sad. Little wonder whether this departure is the pursuit of the wind, or the tree does not retain.
In fact, everyone's life has no way, but the society has created countless roads for us in the process of our own development. We enter the university, but we don't know which one we want to take, that's all.
You can't find your way, just because you dare not get lost. You find the way because you dare to believe in the way.
In fact, everyone's life is a game of chess, but the society has set a confused chess game for ourselves in the process of our own development. When we enter the society, how to go and how to play, we still need self-grasp and awakening. Remember to remember: if you make a wrong move, you will lose the whole game.
Life lies in change. It takes courage to change one's life and courage to change one's goals. Change does not necessarily mean success, but success must be accompanied by changes in life.
In fact, how difficult life is not terrible, and I'm afraid you don't want to make progress and break the jar. Failure is not terrible, and they are afraid that success is not the mother of failure. It is not terrible to walk slowly on the road of struggle, and they are afraid that you will stagnate and not think about it.
Life is always full of challenges of one kind or another. If you are not strong, no one will help you share it. If you don't work hard, no one will give way to you. If you are not confident, no one is brave for you.
Think about it carefully, in fact, success is really not far away, but it is a layer of veil, so that we will never be able to perceive his existence. Therefore, in life, some people often sigh inexplicably why I can't succeed after taking a thousand steps. In fact, he doesn't know that success is hidden in the corner of the 101st step.
What is the meaning of life, is the struggle. What is the power of struggle, is success. What is the secret of success, is change!


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