Mom laughed.

A vigorous love, a painful love, a world-shaking marriage, a marriage that gouged out the hearts of both parties, leaving a fruit.
The mother with the fruit has gone through untold hardships. In an extremely remote small village, she used the coarsest food and wild vegetables to develop her daughter into a flower that everyone praises.
Perhaps for the same goal, the other side of the breakup chose to disappear and chose silence.
For the sake of this daughter, the mother was reborn and removed all her pride, all her talents and all her ambitions. Buried her body in the soil, lowered her head full of knowledge into the dust, reduced her superiority to the top students in the school to a lower level than illiteracy, playing dumb, playing dumb, and then playing dumb.
She let herself be good to all people and give her heart to anyone. No matter what she got, she would do it with the belief of heart for heart. She is more filial to her parents-in-law than a daughter-in-law. She is kind to all the old people. "The old and the old, the young and the young and the young," she did more than get full marks, just like her grades in school., Has been leading, has been making wedding clothes for others.
She vowed in her heart that everyone in the world would love her daughter. First, she wants to give out her love. She knows that her daughter needs more people's love, and she doesn't let her daughter feel missing.
She got everything she deserved, no, more than that. God paid too much attention to her. It turned out that all the sufferings were the stone steps on the road to success. Her daughter stepped on these steps, step by step, so difficult. She and her daughter tasted the sweat and tears together. Finally, she stood on a mountain peak and saw the light of the sun.
On the way to success, it is those extraordinary love that supports all this.
There is a super extraordinary father, in the dark with all the hardships. This couple in trouble in the wind and rain is a wonderful flower that does not exist in this world. Yes, not at all!
There are so many family conflicts playing out, but this family is always playing the opposite scene. The relationship between father and daughter is always more than that between mother and daughter. The unwitting daughter regards her father as the male god in the world and the only male god in her heart.
Since childhood, my mother was ferocious and my father was kind. My mother punched and kicked, and my father tried his best to maintain and tolerate. My mother was stingy and stingy to her, and my father was generous and magnanimous to her. He bought what he wanted and two for one. From an early age, her heart was tied to her father and became enemies with her mother.
Just when this mother was worried about today's young people, she received a phone call from her daughter, a wonderful flower in this world! Why is she not the kind of person who doesn't care about her parents' hard-earned money? Why is she so mature in thinking and doing? So experienced? Why is she able to suffer what other young people can't? Why is she so sensible? You know, she is a few years younger than those people.
Yes, mother knew, it was tears that soaked her! It was this particular mom who whipped it out!
Mother pleased, mother more distressed!
Mother sincerely smiled!


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