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Taixing Hongjin Logistics Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized inland logistics riverport along the Yangtze River. Registered by RMB130 million yuan and designed in line with 10 thousand ton ship capacity, Hongjin Logistcs reclaims 263 meters Yangtze River shoreline with two 5,000-ton berths with a yearly 3-million-ton throughput.

Hongjin Logistics as well as its neighbour Hongqiao Warehousing is located in Hongqiao Industrial Park of Taixing Municipal City in the Yangtze River Delta which is characterized by the largest market capacity and the best investment environment in China. At the T-junction of the littoral and riparian economic zones of Jiangsu Province and Shanghai City, Hongjin Logistics enjoys superior advantages road, river and sea transportation, connecting the east to the west, and the south to the north


Adjacent to Xinqiao Industrial Park of Jingjiang City to the south, opposite to Changzhou City over the River to the west, adjoining to Taixing Fine Chemical Park known as a national economic development zone to the north, Hongjin Logistics reclaims a very good shoreline and plays an important role as a fulcrum responding to the logistic demand. Together with Hongqiao Warehousing, Hongjin Losgistics is making much contribution to the development of this region near and afar. 

Hongjin Logistics'as well as Hongqiao Warehousing's contour line in front of the wharf is as deep as -13.5 meters and their wharf platform is 25 meters wide, connected by three bridges to  133 Hectares back area which is divided into sundries, steel, coal, mineral, building materials, etc. according to the category and functions. Hongjin Logistics also occupies 230,000m² light steel structured warehouses and numerous advanced loading, unloading and transporting facilities. 

Hongjin and Hongqiao safeguard its operation and staff's living by the construction of the comprehensive and complete production and living auxiliaries like duty office, central control room, walkie-talkie communication, CCTV monitor, maintenance, workshop,restroom, sewage treatment station, substation, firefighting pump room etc. 

We would like to offer our best logistic service for you and you are always welcome to Hongjin and Hongqiao for business, exchange or cooperation!

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