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1, the key parts of the chain grate material development and smelting process optimization research.

The rare earth refining treatment technology was first applied to the manufacture of heat-resistant parts, and the influence mechanism of composite rare earth on material properties was studied. A new type of composite rare earth refining modifier was developed, which made the dehydrogenation and deoxidation rate of the material reach more than 80%, and a new type of austenitic heat-resistant fatigue steel was obtained.

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1. New structure design of running chain of pellet grate machine

A structural design method based on alternating temperature field and alternating load is proposed, a shaft clearance distribution model is constructed, and a new type of hook-block type grate body, upper support wheel shaft dynamic sealing device, combined sprocket and chain link, spoon-shaped adjustable shovel plate and other heat-resistant key components are developed, which effectively solve the problems of sprocket chew chain link, grate bed deviation and ball leakage.


2, Grate bed temperature field monitoring technology

The grate bed temperature field model and control strategy are established, and the real-time closed-loop monitoring system of grate bed temperature field is developed, which effectively controls the working temperature of each section of the grate bed, prolongs the service life of the grate machine and improves the quality of the pellets.



A total of more than 114 patents have been applied for, including 8 invention patents and 10 papers.



Invention patents, etc.

Authorized invention patent ZL 200710023568.5; utility model patent ZL 200820216578.0
Invention patent 200910031040.1; 200910031988.7



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Grate bed waste heat recovery technology and device design, sintered pellets, 2009,34(4):5-8.


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