Monkey management rules: how to manage subordinates?

Introduction: Monkey management law-refers to the attitude of managers and subordinates in dealing with problems. The key to this is that the work that the subordinate employee had done on his own was handed over to the superior for evading responsibility. Every subordinate has his own monkey. If he is managed by his boss, obviously, the manager's own time will become very insufficient.
"Monkey" = Problem
Are you a problem handler? If your subordinates adore you, you may be quite happy. But after that, he asked you for instructions on almost everything. How would you feel? Do you feel that you are running out of time and start checking whether there is something wrong with your management?
One day, one of your subordinates met you unexpectedly in the corridor of the office. The subordinate stopped and asked, "Boss, there is a question. I have always wanted to ask you what to do." At this time, the subordinate had a "monkey" to take care of, and then he reported the problem in this way. Although you have something important to do, you still don't feel too embarrassed to disappoint subordinates who are eager to get things done. You listen very carefully… Slowly, one of the monkey's feet is quietly on your shoulder.
You have been listening carefully and nodding your head from time to time. After a few minutes, you said to him that this is a very good question. You would like to hear his opinion first and asked, "What do you think should be done?"
"Boss, I had to ask you for help because I couldn't think of a way."
"No, you can definitely find a better way." You looked at your watch. "Well, I happen to have something urgent right now. I'll be free after 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Then you can bring some solutions to discuss with us."
Before saying goodbye, you didn't forget to add one sentence: "Didn't you have just been trained in 'brainstorming'? I really can't think of it. Find several partners to 'brainstorm' and I will wait for your answer tomorrow."
The "monkey" quietly took back the foot on your body and continued to stay on the shoulder of this subordinate.
The next day, the subordinate came as scheduled. I can see from the expression on his face that he seems to have a clear answer: "Boss, according to your advice, we have five plans that we think are OK, but we just don't know which one is better. Now we ask you to make a decision." Even if you can see at a glance which one is better, don't be in a hurry to help him make a decision. Otherwise, he will rely on you in the future, or in case things are not done well, he will definitely say: "Boss, I can't blame me for this. I will do it according to your opinion."
With regard to making decisions, remember the following guidelines:
1. the subordinates make decisions, they must learn to make decisions by themselves;
Making decisions 2. means taking responsibility for your own decisions. Don't want to make a decision, often subconsciously he doesn't want to take responsibility;
There are generally two reasons why 3. subordinates don't think about problems and are not used to making decisions: one is that they have "entrusted thoughts" and rely on their superiors or others, which makes them useless; the other is that their superiors are used to making decisions instead of their subordinates or like to enjoy the sense of achievement that others take orders from them, which makes them and the team they lead difficult to be competent for complicated tasks;
4. to let subordinates think of their own ways to make decisions is to train subordinates' ability to think independently and the courage to take responsibility.
The dialogue continues. You say excitedly, "Great, so many good options. Which one do you think is better in comparison?"
"I think Plan A is better."
"This is indeed a good plan, but have you considered what to do in case this happens?"
"Oh, that makes sense. It seems better to use the E plan."
"This plan is really good, but have you ever thought about......"
"I understand that Plan B should be chosen."
"Very good. My thoughts are the same as yours. I think I'll do it according to your opinion."
Based on your experience, in fact, you have long known that you should choose Plan B. The purpose of not telling him directly is to win another chance to train subordinates. Training is a process that is slow against fast, and the "slow" of training is to be faster in the future.
The benefits of this are self-evident:
1. interrupts the subordinate's negative "dependent" nerve chain.
2. trained the subordinates' ability to analyze problems and think comprehensively.
3. give subordinates confidence and a sense of accomplishment. He will feel that he has the ability to solve complex problems. Increasingly capable subordinates are increasingly capable of more important tasks.
4. stimulate the subordinates' action.
5. you will not have to look after the subordinate "monkey" and free up more energy to look after your own "monkey".
The Enlightenment of Monkey Management Law
The "monkey management" theory tells us:
Each of 1. should look after his own "monkey";
2. don't bother others to look after their own "monkey";
Everyone in 3. organization should know which "monkeys" to look after and how to look after them;
4. don't try to entrust your "monkey" to someone else. Others here may be superiors, subordinates, colleagues in other departments, or companies, society and even heaven, fate, etc;
5. there should be no "monkeys" who are not looked after, and there should be no "monkeys" who have more than two "masters";
As a boss, a 6. should not only let his subordinates know which "monkeys" he should take care of, but also train his subordinates how to take care of their "monkeys".
7. "monkey management" does not apply to all management. For example, at the beginning of our business, we need entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial teams to carry all the "monkeys". And take the initiative to help others bear the "monkey", otherwise the business will not succeed. Just like Bill Gates, he not only has to bear the "monkey" of writing software, but also the "monkey" of selling software ".
8. "monkey management" will make people become selfish, similar to sweeping the snow in front of each other, which will make the team lose vitality. Therefore, this management law was invented by foreigners, but it is popular on Chinese websites! Pathetic?
The normal team should be grabbing the "monkey" to bear, instead of doing everything possible to prevent other people's "monkey" from running on their shoulders! Leaders will encourage subordinates who take the initiative to bear other people's "monkeys! Only subordinates who are willing to take the initiative to bear other people's "monkeys" have the opportunity to become leaders. Only small leaders who are willing to take the initiative to bear other people's "monkeys" have the opportunity to become big leaders! And there is no "monkey" to carry the subordinates or small leaders please go home to sleep! Isn't that right?


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