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Hongqiao Storage and Hongjin Logistics Terminal occupy 586 meters of the Yangtze River coastline, with a water depth of more than -11 meters. There is one 30000-ton berth (it can be upgraded to 50000-ton berth in one year and 70000-ton berth in two years) and two 10000-ton berths. The main wharf has been equipped with 4 25-ton/33-meter gantry machines, 2 16-ton/33-meter gantry machines and 2 40-ton/40-meter gantry machines. The inner harbor has a coastline of 1800 meters and a width of 120 meters, with a perennial water depth of -7.5 meters or more. Eight 5000-ton berths are proposed. Equipped with 1 25-ton crane, 4 16-ton cranes, 5 10-ton cranes, 1 40-ton floating crane and 1 25-ton floating crane.

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