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The chain grate machine is a crawler heat transfer equipment. In the pellet production process, the chain grate machine undertakes the drying and preheating process. The size of the grate machine is divided into different sizes according to the process design, and the length of the larger grate machine reaches nearly 100m.
From the overall structure, the grate machine is divided into frame, ash box, bellows, running chain and head and tail transmission, lower return seal, upper cover, shovel plate, water cooling system, dry oil lubrication system and other parts, as well as auxiliary hot air pipes and various medium pipes. According to the process composition, it is divided into blast drying section, exhaust drying section, preheating section I and preheating section II.
The working principle of the grate machine: the green balls evenly distributed by the roller cloth machine on the grate bed at the tail of the grate machine pass through four process sections: blast drying section, exhaust drying section, preheating section I and preheating section II in turn. The gases with different temperatures discharged from the rotary kiln and the ring cooler vertically pass through the material layer of the grate machine to heat the green balls, thus completing the process of dehydration, preheating and oxidation, the preheated pellets are shoveled by the shovel plate at the head and then enter the rotary kiln to continue to be burned.
The direction of high-temperature air flow in the grate is from bottom to top, rising from the blast drying section-the exhaust drying section-the preheating section I to the preheating section II, with the highest temperature exceeding 1000 °. Because it is a high temperature heat transfer equipment, the chain grate needs to be built with refractory materials.

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